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Foes & Follies

The Foes & Follies series explores the idea of play in it's various incarnations. Fascinated with the uninhibited imaginations of children, I have chosen toys as my muse in hopes to channel a childlike approach to the artistic process. Unfettered by experience, children seem to possess a natural inclination towards creativity and the ability to create a story that has yet to be told. Can the act of play return the jaded adult mind to it's original naïve state?

Play being the topic at hand, naturally the compositions of each work in the series exhibit stylistic conventions common to the tradition of theatre design, therefore mimicking scenes from a theatrical play. The high-key lighting, spotlighting, crude use of props and improvised stage-set all contribute to the theatrical ambiance of an imagined world in miniature.

The series also serves as a social experiment exploring the idea of child's play. Why when handed two plastic toy figurines do we instinctually place them in states of peril? Why does our natural mode of play invoke comedic violence? Are toys today more violent than they ever were? Probably yes. But I ask, does it matter?

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