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Portraits & Pet Portraits

Order here:

Great for Gifts!​

Can be easily posted by mail within Canada. Contact Free Delivery!

The Product:

Pen and Ink Portrait on Archive

Quality Paper.

Size 11" x 14" for $300 within Canada

The Process: You provide 5 to 10 snapshots you've taken of your loved one or pet and I do the rest! Another option is sometimes a short video of a child laughing (sometimes it's easier to capture a genuine smile in a video). Email photos to

The Options: Would you like the name of your pet included in the portrait? Or perhaps you would like to send a giant birthday card for a friend having a landmark 50th or 70th birthday and you would like a portrait framed creatively with the addition of "Happy Birthday," or what ever text you wish? 

The Delivery: Mailing within Canada is easy as pie and it will arrive on your doorstep as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can provide me with the mailing address of your gift recipient.

The Payment: 11" x 14" Drawing starting at $300 as a covid lockdown special price for a limited time. Two pets or children in one portrait will cost extra. Fee can be negotiated per situation. Payment accepted by e-transfer only.

The Limitations: Sadly I'm holding off on portraits of tuxedo cats and black poodles etc for the time being. Currently workshopping methods for black fur that won't take double the time. 

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